Scaling & Polishing

Scaling & Polishing

Scaling is a common procedure done to remove tartar and stains that form on the teeth. Polishing is then carried out to smoothen the teeth surfaces after scaling.

When Do I Need a Scaling?

It is recommended that one should have scaling done every 6 months as a preventive measure to keep the gum healthy. 

These are some common signs that indicate you need a professional cleaning by dentists.

Why Should I Have Scaling Done?

Prevent Gum Diseases

Harmful bacteria found in plaque and tartar can cause cavities and gum diseases. If left untreated, it can lead to gum recession, shaky teeth and tooth loss.

Restoring Your Bright Smile

Scaling also removes stains that form on your teeth due to habits like coffee or tea drinking and tobacco smoking.

What To Expect?

Scaling requires only 1 visit.

During the procedure, our dentists use an instrument that sends vibrations to the teeth to remove tartar and stains.

When scaling is done, your teeth are polished using a brush with some cleaning paste. A more powerful air-powder polishing tool may be used to remove stubborn stains.